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Burst World is a pioneering spatial entertainment platform tailored for Apple Vision, offering an ever expanding library of immersive music performances and virtual entertainment. By blending the excitement of a concert with the intimacy of a private performance, Burst World redefines the music industry as we know it today. Experience Burst World on your Apple Vision today.

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Nightwish and BURST joined forces in May 2021 for two unforgettable virtual concerts in Islander Arms, a virtual tavern. BURST combined visual elements, technology, and music to create an extraordinary and unique experience for Nightwish and their fans.

An Evening with Nightwish in a Virtual World concert streamed across 108 countries to over 150,000 viewers.

Transporting you to an immersive virtual world defined by culture and driven by hip-hop heritage.

The Brook is a photorealistic metaverse and a gamified virtual experience. It takes you back in time to the streets of 90’s Brooklyn and straight into the world of one of the greatest MC’s of all time – The Notorious B.I.G.

In May 2020 Finnish rap duo JVG gathered an audience of 1.4M people (a fifth of the population of Finland) to celebrate with their avatars. It was the world’s first virtual reality concert showcasing the future of VR technology.

The Virtual Helsinki Platform hosted a performance by Finnish artist ALMA.

In this performance BURST transformed Helsinki into a dreamscape, featuring glimpses of local landmarks such as the Amos Rex museum. The event highlights the city's efforts to use technology to enhance the cultural experience for its residents and visitors.

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